We provide consultation services in all aspects of historical masonry.  This includes Stone, Brick, Terra Cotta, and Lime Mortars. Whether it be a Historic Home, Industrial Building, Church, or Monument, we have the expertise to help with your project.  

Call us now before you begin your next restoration project.   It is important to discuss the project and the many solutions to problems that may be encountered before you begin any restoration work.  

We work with architects and contractors who understand the need to involve all trades on a project, prior to anything beginning.  Too many contractors and masons are unsure of how to approach Historic Restorations, and mistakenly think that they don’t have to abide by the Secretary of State’s recommendations for Historic Building Restoration.  The first rule of Historic Restoration should be, ‘Do No Harm’.  From the photos you can see on this page, you will see that many, so-called professionals don’t abide by that rule.  Unfortunately, it’s the client and the building that ultimately pay the price for using inappropriate practices.  By contacting Windsor Masonry, you’re one step closer to finding the solution to your Restoration problem.  

Call us now.  We look forward to working with you in protecting the Heritage of the Nation.