Our services are in demand throughout North Eastern United States.  When it comes to the trickiest of projects through to the simplest, our quality work is relied upon by clients and contractors alike.

We specialize in re-pointing Historic Stone and Brick Buildings.  We can provide all styles of pointing, including tuck-pointing, raised, weather, ribbon, etc.  We know the difference between Lime and Cement mortars and the reasons why the two do not mix.

From precisely built brick buildings, to crumbling Terracotta friezes, through to the majesty of stone built edifices, our expertise covers them all.  Many times we are called in to rectify previous restoration efforts undertaken by those less experienced.  We don’t take short cuts when addressing the structural and aesthetic integrity of your masonry project.  We are as passionate about preserving the Nation’s Heritage as you are, so that more generations can enjoy the beauty and majesty of our Historical Buildings.​